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We help institutional and commercial building owners (such as healthcare and educational institutions, manufacturers, farms, hotels and resorts) demonstrate leadership in environmental stewardship while improving operating budgets through more efficient use of energy.

Through sustainable, green building practices and technologies, Sage Energy assists clients in creating a built environment that helps improve the health and productivity of residents and workers.

In simple terms, we assess heating and cooling systems, analyze energy use of equipment and lighting, evaluate water use, and bring to light any other factors that affect your total energy and water bills. Then we develop and implement clear, actionable plans you can follow in stages to significantly reduce energy and water use.

In addition, Sage Energy?s team can guide you through the practical use of responsible and meaningful communication of these green accomplishments to the public, raising visibility for your achievements and encouraging other corporate leaders to follow suit.
Sage Energy specializes in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions that substantially improve the environment and the bottom line for our clients.
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