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We Know what to look for

Our advice is shaped by years of experience setting energy policy (and evaluating energy technologies), and is informed by enduring relationships with government energy and environmental agencies and NGOs that call on Sage Energy for policy and program recommendations. Our position as a trusted advisor helps Sage Energy anticipate policy direction and regulatory change, giving our clients crucial information to make better decisions.

When your plans are in place, we offer invaluable leadership navigating through the maze of regulations and financial incentives to get you the most bang for your buck. We can find available sources of financing in an ever-changing landscape of grants, loans and rebates, and help you steer around potential regulatory landmines.

At Sage Energy our experts offer the best possible advice for:

  • Feasibility and sourcing of renewable energy solutions
  • Leveraging government and utility financial incentives
  • Navigating sustainability certification requirements
  • Forecasting the effects of regulation changes
  • Conducting energy audits and building assessments
  • Evaluating and prioritizing energy efficiency solutions
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